Ali Smith Photographer on Momma Love:

I’m a photographer currently working on my second book of portraiture accompanied by personal stories. This one is about the reality of how women live their lives as mothers. It looks at the support they do or do not have, from partners, employers, society, community. It also looks at how their sense of self is altered- in some ways, frustratingly diminished, in others, gloriously exalted- by becoming mothers.

Ali Smith

I came to this project, as a feminist who was concerned about the political aspect of motherhood, six years before I had a child of my own last year. I grew up with a mother who was a wonderful woman, but who seemed extremely depressed and maybe oppressed in her motherhood role. I wanted to understand how that could happen to a vibrant woman and how to avoid that fate for myself.

Ali Smith Photography

My first book of photography was called Laws of the Bandit Queens (released by Random House) and was about strong, ground breaking women I’d admired as I built my career; Alice Walker, Sandra Bernhard, Janeane Garofalo, Pat Schroeder… This current multi-media / book project is entitled Momma Love; How the Mother Half Lives. The work has been featured in an 18 page spread in H.O.W. art and literature journal, in Marie Claire Magazine (U.S., Greece, and Australia), in numerous gallery shows, and there will be an upcoming spread in the Jan/Feb issue of Mothering Magazine.

Ali Smith Photography

Please contact me if you have your own motherhood story to share (it may end up in the book) and/or to stay informed about the book’s release!
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Ali Smith: WEBSITE
Watch Ali on MingleMediaTV: HERE



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