Mom Scholar

Lynn Kuechle, Writer, Scholar, Programming Director, M.O.M. (Museum Of Motherhood) Find Lynn on FACEBOOK

The Mother Monologues is a scripted reading performance followed by a facilitated discussion that examines the stereotypes and ideology of motherhood. This project uses the arts a medium for community building and dialogue which may lead to social change. The purpose of the performance is to give a voice to mothers beyond advice relating parenting and raising children to confronting issues such as judging, expectations, fears and triumphs of motherhood.

The content of the reading is based on real stories from mothers about their everyday experiences of being a woman who is also a mother. There are three mothers on stage that represent the different stages of motherhood and a narrator that connects the stories of the mothers to academic research and social implications of the narrative. The ultimate goal of the performance and the discussion is to first, consider that we have limited language to describe our experiences as mothers that is different from the typical rhetoric of happiness and bliss, second, to offer validation to mothers that our everyday experiences are often extraordinary, and third to share a space with other mothers and those who care about mothers to consider the significance of raising our future generations.

Hopefully, this performance will begin to build a community of mothers who are thinking and acting to make society more supportive of the needs of those who care for others rather than asking them to do more with less.

Motherhood is a transformation. It is an experience like no other; one that swallows you up. The presentation entitled The Mother Monologues examines the outdated ideology and unrealistic stereotypes faced by modern day mothers. The reading depicts three mothers in different points of their motherhood journey; the narrator weaves related content and connects the concepts with academic writing about motherhood. Lynn Kuechle’s Mother Monologues airs on Feb 2 9PM, 2010.

Work on Mother Monolgues continues. Contact Lynn Kuechle to share your stories and get involved with future productions: MomScholar@gmail.com

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