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MamaBlogger365 – Mama’s Self-Medicating Beverages by Karrie McAllister

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t base my entire day’s schedule around coffee and wine. And while self-medicating with normal beverages is not something I’m quite proud of, I have found over the years of my mothering career that pride goes out the window the first time you answer the door in your PJ’s at 2:00 PM or go to the grocery store with a long line of baby puke on your shirt.

It’s just life.

So my day goes a little something like this:

6:00 – Wake up. Make coffee. Try to decide on the number of cups to prepare based on last night’s sleep and today’s schedule. Usually settle for 8.

7:00 – Most of it is already gone.

9:30 – How could I possibly be tired? Cross my fingers and hope that there’s at least a cup left in the pot.

9:31 – Hooray! There’s some left. I stick the mug in the microwave.

11:30 – While making lunch, I find the mug still in the microwave. It’s cold again. I reheat.

3:00 – Afternoon sleepies hit just in time for the kids to come home from school or, during summer, beg and plead for outdoor water activities. Could there by any chance be any coffee left?

3:05 – It’s undrinkable. I grab an energy drink from the fridge. Surely it will carry me through to dinner.

4:00 – “Mommy’s going to lay on the couch. Wake me up when ‘Arthur’ is over.”

5:00 – Dinner should have been planned long ago. Where does the time go? How do I spend an entire day running myself into complete exhaustion and still can’t really answer what I actually did? I dash to the kitchen to rummage through the fridge and pantry, hoping inspiration jumps into my hands.

5:01 – I’m holding a bottle of merlot.

7:00 – Why do kids have so much energy? I make another pot of coffee. My husband needs some, too. Just an hour home with the kids and he’s feeling weary.

10:00 – Kids in bed, finally. Inspiration returns for a second glass.

Bio: Karrie McAllister, Mamazina Magazine’s graphic designer and regular columnist, has dabbled in everything from coal mining to culinary classes. She and her family live in Northeast Ohio where conversations in the grocery store and pierogis are as common as Amish buggies. Her column, Small Town Soup, appears in local newspapers and she is published on a variety of Web sites. Read more at her blog, Mom, Writer, Dirt-lover at www.KarrieMcAllister.com.

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Photo credit: Coffee by Robert Becker

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