Museum of Motherhood

MamaBlogger365 – The Feminist Boudoir

MamaBlogger365 is thrilled to feature a virtual tour of The Feminist Boudoir, a M.O.M. Exhibit by Joy Rose and paintings by Jo Jayson. It was part of the M.O.M. Conference at Marymount Manhattan College, Mamapalooza Festival and MAMAExpo, May 23-25 2011.

The Feminist Boudoir features feminist mother-art pieces like The Feminist Icon’s Closet, Sarah Palin’s Sweater, Carol Evans’ Crown, Hillary’s Hotpants, and a work-in-progress featuring Phyllis Chesler.

Film by Stephanie Schleicher; narrated by Kelly Hansen.

Write for us and support MamaBlogger365, a joint effort of Mamapalooza and the Museum of Motherhood to help the Museum of Motherhood secure a permanent home in 2011!

About M. Joy Rose

Woman, Mother, Human, Rocker, Educator, Activist Director; Museum of Motherhood President and Founder; MaMaPaLooZa Inc. a company by Women, Promoting (M)others for social, cultural and economic benefit. Dedicated to a more educated, more peaceful, more musical planet.


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