You Say You Want A Revolutuion

MamaBlogger365 – Why Not Now? By, Jax Resto


Photo courtesy of City Circus

Recently I ran into an old friend from my circus days who commented that I look the same as I did 25 years ago. I don’t, of course. I think I just possess a quality of eternal youth that comes from the simple philosophy of “Why not now?”


How many things have we passed up in life for whatever reason? Too young? Too broke? Too busy? Too unconventional?

At 36, my Why Not Now philosophy resulted in my buying my first drum kit, and taking up martial arts—basically I was reliving my adolescence, except this time, I was married, a mom…oh, and much cooler.

Though I have a lot less time to do all the wonderful things I didn’t do when I was young, single, and childless, somehow none of the former questions: How do I afford it? How will I get there? Why wasn’t I born a boy?, invade my thoughts. The only question I ask myself was, “Why not now?”

Thirteen years, a national gold medal, and an exciting music career later, as I watch my child grow into a young adult, I try not to focus on the depressing reality of getting older. Instead, I wonder what other childhood fantasies I reasoned myself out of–and feel myself grow younger with every adrenaline rush that screams, Why Not Now?

Bio: Former actor, dancer, and circus aerialist, Jax took a hiatus from performing during which she started her own business as well as a family. Jax jumped back onto the stage in 2008 as drummer with former Mamapalooza Band of the Year Kore. In 2010, she left to start her own band of moms who rock–Female Band Invasion (FBI), a Sarasota-based original rock band that has been taking the town by storm. www.reverbnation.com/femalebandinvasion.



About M. Joy Rose

Woman, Mother, Human, Rocker, Educator, Activist Director; Museum of Motherhood President and Founder; MaMaPaLooZa Inc. a company by Women, Promoting (M)others for social, cultural and economic benefit. Dedicated to a more educated, more peaceful, more musical planet.


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