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MamaBlogger365 – Technology Bridges The Gap by Amy Andrews

Like many other moms I know, geography and economy play a big role in being so far from our own mothers, aunts and grandmothers as we raise our families. It means a lot of flying solo, usually without a net.

While modern motherhood may, in a lot of ways, have become a one-woman DIY show, I’m not content to let my motherhood experience be framed by circumstance.

By bridging the gap of distance and time with letters, phone calls and even email (my mom’s not ready for texting yet, but she does read my Facebook page — and then picks up the phone to call
me instead of leaving a comment), I’m taking charge and reframing motherhood with technology so that while my kids may not have the benefit of growing up with grandparents who lived around the corner like my parents did or even a few expressway exits away like I did, they’ll know that while their grandmothers may be far away, they’re
never out of touch.

Find out more about how to stay in touch, even if you’re not tech-savvy: PostEGram for Grandma & Grandpa



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