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MamaBlogger365 – 248 Words by Loren Christie

What are some of the greatest issues facing mothers?

How far have we come at equal citizenship? Not far enough! What happens to a woman today, college educated or not, when she has a baby out-of-wedlock? She is at the mercy of the father of that child, economically. While a court can establish paternity and force a father to support his child financially, still, the mother bears the full weight of raising a baby. So the miracle of new life becomes an event that spurs depression and panic for a woman in this situation. If she has no one to rely on, then things become economically desperate for her. The unborn child is even poorer in this case than his mother since he is at her mercy as to whether or not he will be born.

Unwed mothers are the most prevalent economically challenged group within our society today.

My mother taught me how important my education was, and how essential it was for me to focus on college and career. She believed that there is dignity, freedom and a feeling of wholeness in developing one’s talents and skills. She wanted economic equality for me, and personal fulfillment. She also wanted grandchildren.

We need to strengthen a sense of discipline and self-worth in young girls so that they love themselves and demand respect. I can say from personal experience that in my life, these qualities are a grace from God requested in prayer. Good things are worth the wait. We need to value the sanctity of motherhood.

BIO: Loren Christie is a proud member of Generation X living in New York with her husband and three children. She is a reporter for two local weekly newspapers. Her creative writing has been published in Mom Writer’s Literary Magazine, Mamazina, and The Motherhood Muse E-zine. The subject of a lot of her creative writing is motherhood. She has strong feelings about single moms facing crisis pregnancies as a practicing youth minister, and she’s watched family members suffer as well as unwed mothers. She hopes this piece contributes to some awareness around this issue.



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