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MamaBlogger365 – The Ratio of Good ‘Mom’ to Good ‘Person’ by Jax Resto

There’s no secret formula to being a good mom. And if there were, I doubt I would be the one holding it. All I can do is share my philosophy on the ratio of good mom to good person.

Business owner by day/musician by night, I am Mom to my teenage son. Still, I love that he also sees me as a strong, capable person of whom he is proud. Someone he would like even if I weren’t Mom. I firmly believe that being a happy and healthy individual helps me to be a better mom.

Though being a mom instinctively means putting his well-being first, I’ve learned that neglecting myself is counterproductive. Respecting me as an individual teaches him to respect himself and others, particularly females. And though I am his mom long before I am his friend, when I remember to treat him like a person rather than just my son, he is more apt to open up about what he’s thinking and feeling. Sometimes he even takes my advice.

At the end of the day, when he hugs me and says, “Mom, I love you so much,” I am thankful for such a great son, and for the strength, wisdom, and good fortune that helped me make it through another day of motherhood.

About Jax Resto: Female Band Invasion is a Sarasota based high energy band of rockin’ moms that consists of lead vocalist Cat, Jax on drums, Jenn on bass, and Jimi, Dad and honorary girl, on guitar. After only one month of rehearsals, FBI broadcast a live stream rehearsal. One month later, they were already on the radio. With no studio recordings in their arsenal, they played eight of their original songs live on the air. Cranking out originals faster than you can say “Bad Rock & Roll is a federal crime,” FBI has already had two songs in the top ten globally. These females are invading Sarasota like gangbusters, giving new meaning to the acronym FBI. Visit http://www.reverbnation.com/FemaleBandInvasion



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Woman, Mother, Human, Rocker, Educator, Activist Director; Museum of Motherhood President and Founder; MaMaPaLooZa Inc. a company by Women, Promoting (M)others for social, cultural and economic benefit. Dedicated to a more educated, more peaceful, more musical planet.


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