Museum of Motherhood

Museum of Motherhood Needs YOU!

Dear Friend,

I am writing you about a project I’ve been working on for a long time.

As part of my ongoing work with Mamapalooza to create platforms that honor and celebrate mothers and mother-work, I am truly at a crossroads and poised to participate in something that I consider truly great. I would love to tell you more about it.

The Motherhood Foundation Inc., is a certified nonprofit 501c3 that creates, produces and presents artistic, educational and cultural content that studies and supports mothers and their activities. Our next project is the creation of the Museum Of Motherhood (M.O.M.), that will leave a true legacy of empowerment and support, honoring mothers past, present and future.

The last twelve years have been pivotal, as my focus has been increasingly on honoring and celebrating the many amazing women in my life, and indeed in the world.

Of course, the women who influenced me the most were the ones who raised and loved me as a child, often without remuneration and frequently without the recognition of achievements their husbands or peers enjoyed in the workplace and outside the home.

Frankly, mother-work continues to be one of the least celebrated accomplishments and yet has the most profound impact on subsequent generations. I am not talking about glorified celebrity baby bumps, but the day to day feeding, raising, caring for and educating of children, as well as the nurturing and ‘mothering’ which goes without saying is of the upmost importance, and honestly is often perpetrated by men as well as women.

It’s my personal belief, that as we lift people up and hear their stories, we heal and empower them as people and honor them as contributing members of society. Even today, mothers struggle with a host of issues particular to their life and work choices.

Ongoing issues of depression, over-work, mother-blame, lack of financial remuneration and often chronic pregnancy-related health issues make up a large part of the mother population. Workplace pay issues, healthcare obstacles and feminist and equality issues aside, because, while we have made great strides in the workplace and beyond, issues of domestic violence and a host of other maladies that reflect mother-specific life/work, are still very much present in our society.

Won’t you work with me to honor the generations of women who have gone before, and those yet to come, by participating in our capital campaign? M.O.M will examine the roles of mothers throughout history in America & beyond?

I am absolutely devoted to this project. Specifically in honor of Florence Greist, Martha Timmons, Bertha Rose, Joy Rose Sr. and Alice B. Marpet. These are the women who made me who I am, and who have shaped my life in no small way.

I’m sure there are special people on your list. Please help us celebrate their legacy by becoming a member of our museum or participating in our Capital Campaign today. Thank You So Much,

Joy Rose, Executive Director


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