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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Holidays and Low Income Families

By: Kerlin Richter

When I think of my childhood and the holidays I remember one holiday out of all of them. It was the year my father had broken his back on his construction job and my mom couldn’t find work. We were broke but we had a place to live and that was about it. I had the free lunch program at school to fill my belly and my parents at home everyday to talk about my day. I look back and realize how poor we really were but back then I remember worrying about my dad and hoping he would feel better but never thought about being poor. Being an Atheist it is funny to say but my best holiday was when the local priest came to my house with a nun he was dressed up like Santa and brought me a doll. It was the most magical Christmas for me. Santa came and saw me at home while I was still awake and let me open my gift on Christmas eve. The nun handed my mother a package of food that we needed and Santa/priest gave me and my brother a single present. I have never been so thankful for the holiday.
I don’t remember my parents ever saying we were struggling and at 5 I am not sure I would have even understand it but I never worried my parents and brother were there with me. Let’s as a community make sure our children in these tough times get those little memories because that is what they remember if we are strong parents.

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