Museum of Motherhood

‘100 Mothers’ Program

The Motherhood Foundation has launched the 100 Mothers Projects, offering 100 Mothers a fully loaded 360 approach through hands-on presentations followed by information and support available through a Web Portal. MFI Mothers will present prgramming in libraries, communities and shelters, and then empower attendees to log on to the Museum of Motherhood to gain valuable ongoing resources, support and special exclusive offers for their health, well-being, creativity,nourishment, clothing, spiritual growth, legal assistance, financial support, as well as access to a wealth of historical information and cultural riches, insitlling pride, community, and intellectual savvy. MFI will work in cooperation with local non-profit agencies with special agencies who specialize in neighborhood programming in specific targeted geographic areas to enhance and enrich the lives for those who most need it. This pilot program will have measurements for success that will evolve into a national rollout in years to come.

The program will enroll 25 mothers each quarter and track progress. At the end of the cycle – Mothers who graduate will receive a certificate, permanent access to online programming and resources, and renew the ‘Motherhood’ pledge to pass along the wealth and share their stories visually and verbally and become mentors and the gift will perpetuate itself, as well as creating a future pool of teachers and paid presenters in our programs, which offers part-time employment for participating moms. We have designated worthwhile local programs in multiple States, and plans to include sustainable access to computers, printers and recording devices, along with the necessary training to make working with online programming successful.



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