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The IABPP Redefines The Role of A Baby Planner

The IABPP Redefines The Role of A Baby Planner And Takes The Baby Planning Career To A Whole New Level San Francisco, CA— May 10 , 2010 —

Controversy and skepticism continues to challenge the baby planning industry, and many carry on to question the role of a baby planner and whether it is a viable and sustainable career. Many expecting and new parents have expressed that paying a baby planner consultant for product or parenting advice defeats their purpose of learning how to transition into parenthood. A popular opinion amongst expecting and new parents is that if you need to pay someone to plan for your baby, maybe it’s not the best time in your life to have kids. However, most parents do agree that the current healthcare system continues to leave too many women in the dark and they would like to be informed of all the options available to them. They also agree that having the right support system in place for mothers is crucial, especially when an expecting mom is single or on bed rest. There is no question that there are an overwhelming amount of products in today’s market place, but there are also an overwhelming amount of services too! Now we introduce the IABPP, International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals. The IABPP’s approach and mission extends beyond assisting clients with baby gear consulting.  Their approach  empowers expecting and new parents to make the right decisions for themselves and their babies by offering support and education in a non-biased fashion that is tailored for meeting the unique needs of each individual family during preconception, pregnancy and beyond. “Some expecting parents may want to know the differences between a Bradley, Lamaze, and HypnoBirthing class, while other parents want to know if they should use a birthing or postpartum doula. Some expecting parents want help with choosing products for their registry, while others want to do the research for themselves. What is important is that a baby planner does not assume what a client needs and tailors their services based on each client’s specific situation”, says Mary Oscategui, founder of the IABPP. The IABPP was formed in September 2009 to reintroduce baby planning as its original concept, advising on all areas of pregnancy, with an emphasis on maternal education and emotional support so that families could confidently make informed decisions. The IABPP strengthens credibility, offers support, and provides a formal educational training program and advanced credentials to baby planners and childbirth educators throughout the world. The IABPP does not believe that baby planners should try to be experts at everything and encourages members and students to take the time to pursue the proper credentials, experience, and insurance required for each additional specialty they offer. As a result, the IABPP does not consider areas of specialty such as, baby gear consulting, nursery design, car seat installation, or baby proofing as roles that are required in order to be a baby planner. The IABPP recognizes that each of these areas involve extensive training, education, and experience. The IABPP also considers these added services as specialties that some baby planners may already have in their background or may decide to offer in addition their main role as a consultant; otherwise the IABPP strongly recommends that baby planners refer out such services to qualified professionals. The IABPP is comprised of 15 baby planning certified and associate members whose companies extend globally and backgrounds include: fitness, nutrition, greenproofing, yoga, pilates, doulas, nurses, lactation consultants, marketing, finance, parent coaching, and television news. They also have 29 advisory board members who serve as industry experts and mentors, 7 certifying board members, and 4 faculty instructors.

Founded in September 2009, the IABPP is at the forefront of empowering parents to make the right decisions for themselves and their babies. They introduced a new approach to the baby planning industry by focusing on the needs of their clients through parental education and emotional support. They established the first and only certification program in the baby planning industry that is designed to train future baby planners to educate and support expectant and new parents. In addition, the IABPP supports all childbirth educators through a wealth of educational resources via online webinars, an online tv show, and various educational partnerships.

For more information visit http://www.iabpp.com
Mary Oscategui, CBP [IABPP]
International Academy
of Baby Planner Professionals



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