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Amazing Mom: Joy Rose

Amazing Mom: Joy Rose.


Amazing Mom: Joy Rose, founder of Mamapalooza, a popular platform of events for moms in the arts that reaches millions of women around the world. She’s also credited for coining the phrase, Moms Rock!

Joy’s Family: Kids: Brody, 21, Blaze, 18, Ali, 17, Zena, 15

Joy Lives In: Hastings-on-Hudson, New York

Why Joy Is Amazing: Fifteen years ago, Joy Rose was a stay-at-home mom with four children. Ten days after her youngest was born, she was diagnosed with Lupus, which in her case was life-threatening. Seven years, multiple hospital stays and one kidney transplant later, Joy made a commitment to do as much as she could to empower herself and other women to lead better lives.

So she became a rock star.

As the lead singer of her band Housewives on Prozac, her post-recovery mission began. It “meant going out into the world and not just creating a stage or a platform for my band,” she says, “but creating a venue that would be for many women.” That’s when Mamapalooza was born, a series of large-scale festivals across the country that generate community awareness of cultural, social and economic issues while showcasing mom-music performers and women-owned businesses.

“We were women empowered and mom-branded,” says Joy. “In 2002 there was no such thing as a mom-branded anything. I was really there at the beginning and really got to help foster and create what is now obviously a very robust, energized movement of women taking steps to actualize their dreams. I believe everyone benefits when a woman is strong within the roles and jobs she performs.”

Joy’s Son Brody Says: “My mom and I share the same birthday, so naturally there has always been a special connection between us. I look at her as more than just a mother figure in my life … she’s my therapist, cheerleader, best friend and five-star chef. She is also an inherently good person. This translates to all her relationships, not just as a mother.”

Joy’s Son Ali Says: “A lot of kids my age are detached from their parents, but I communicate with my mom. Have you seen her car? It’s a pink Housewives on Prozac mobile and pretty distinguishable … all my friends know when she’s coming. She’s unique. She breaks the stereotype of mom. She’s got her tattoos. She’s out there. And I like that.”

Recognition: The 2009 Susan B. Anthony Award from NOW-NYC; Westchester Magazine‘s 2009 Best Display of Girl Power; and Executive Director for The Motherhood Foundation, a nonprofit organization behind the Museum of Motherhood.

Joy’s Guilty Pleasures: I try not to feel guilty about anything. In fact, I’m pretty indulgent about my pleasures. Music is my Prozac. I love really good food … food is love! And I spend absolutely ridiculous amounts of time on the Internet when I should probably be sleeping.”

Joy’s Best Advice
: “Take the plunge. I am all about seeing women follow their hearts and their dreams and create working sustainable businesses for themselves.”



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