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Women, Listen to Your Mothers

 Sheryl Gay Stolberg writes (with characteristic brilliance) on the abortion-activism generational divide. Her finding: the post-Roe generation gets less worked up about the right to choose “not because younger women are any less supportive of abortion rights than their elders, but because their frame of reference is different.”

I think she’s nailed it. I don’t believe that my generation is more pro-life than my mother’s generation, but I’m not sure that we understand what’s at stake. We’ve grown up in a time and place in which it’s unthinkable that any of us seeking an abortion would be told, No. No way.

The difference between the generations—and it’s both our blessing and our curse—is that my generation has the luxury of thinking about abortion in a more complicated way.  What are my feelings about abortion?  How can we fine-tune pro-choice rhetoric to reflect the complexity of abortion?

Read more at Reality Check.org

The HerStory (and Future) of abortion rights in America. No matter what you believe there is a troubled past when it comes to women’s reproductive rights in America and throughout the world…


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